Possible Future Warfare Technologies

Recently, a nice man asked me if there was anything in the U.S. military arsenal that they might need in the future. He pointed out that the U.S. military has all the necessary weapons. Such a statement is laughed at, as one U.S. patent office once stated; “Everything that will ever be invented has already been invented” and it was about 100 years ago. Can you imagine that we would be silent and that humanity would never have invented another new innovation?

So, I spent about 15 minutes coming up with some things that the U.S. military will need in the future, but not now. The only thing I can think of is that if I had been thinking about this concept for two hours?

1.) Air Defense System

2.) Antigravity systems

3.) Biological Protection Network

4.) The electromagnetic valve of bird migration transmits directed power

5.) Protective border

6.) Immediate detection of nuclear weapons at all points of infiltration

7.) A jet engine that can rise from off to 10,000 feet in three minutes.

8.) Gickler

9.) Fully robotic tanks

10.) Autonomous Convoys

11.) Ships that fly

12.) Flying submarines

13.) Flying guided hand grenades

14.) Cloning

15.) CIA Androids

16.) High-altitude protective network of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

17.) Tunneling robotic delivery systems

18.) Invisible Ship

19.) Time travel

20.) Earthquake Maker

21.) Typhoon Generator

22.) Tsunami Protection System

23.) Generator of Human Love

24.) Holographic projection

24.) Human Hibernation Machine

25.) Earth Calamity Solar Points System

26.) Intelligence Enhancement Machine.

27.) Device to reduce anxiety

28.) Portable DNA Instant Diagnostics Device.

29.) ANPA’s Hidden Tunnel Robot

30.) Goo Protection System

31.) Space debris collector for satellite protection.

32.) VLA on the Moon listening device

33.) Electromagnetic energy collection device to shoot down asteroids.

34.) Transfer of thoughts from reason to mind

35.) A machine for reading the thoughts of enemies.

36.) Inflammatory locust block.

37.) Good insect repellent.

38.) A one-way cannon one mile away.

39.) Communicating with animals.

40.) Download from Dolphin’s Memory

41.) Tornado Maker

42.) Visual violation of enemy hardware pixels.

43.) Nuclear explosion reversor.

44.) Nuclear material to the main manufacturer.

45.) Full weather control

46.) Picking the ball at the entrance.

47.) Adjustable small arms bullets.

48.) Hide the sound

49.) Thermal imaging human uniforms without registration

50.) Cure Cancer

51.) A follow-up monetary system.

52.) Full tracked cargo system

53.) Truth Machine for Prisoners

54.) Nanocarbon windshield tube

55.) Water-driven tanks.

56.) Planetary Protection System.

57.) Camel Robots

58.) Cactus Tree Sensors

59.) Flying cars.

60.) Power Fields

61.) Invisible helicopters.

63.) Safe helicopters.

64.) Helicopters for Eternity

65.) Silent helicopters.

66.) Airship for on-board drones.

67.) Aerostats capable of flying in high winds.

68.) Solar-powered aircraft that can fly indefinitely.

69.) Portable communication devices that do not use batteries.

70.) Human modification to reduce food and waste consumption

71.) Skin regeneration.

72.) Limb regeneration

73.) Underground observational equipment.

74.) Satellite Police

75.) UAV with organic brain.

76.) A UAV capable of rotating 25 grams.

77.) UAV with vertical take-off and landing that can move at supersonic speed

78.) Vision systems that allow you to see waves of energy and communication.

79.) Equipment to record the night vision environment at 360 degrees.

80.) Training systems of dreams.

81.) Common cockpit devices, so anyone can use any machine.

82.) Homemade materials.

84.) Airport Noise Reduction Systems.

85.) UAV that is flying on trails and using CO2 as fuel.

86.) Pulling up rods to collect space.

87.) Gravitational anchors.

88.) Secure wireless transmission of energy.

89.) Life Extension

90.) Hummers with good armor that won’t fall because of weight.

91.) Cargo planes that are vertical and efficient.

92.) A stock unit that kills a person reporting classified information.

93.) Robots to learn secrets

94.) Ion dismantling block

95.) A high-energy laser return mirror for instant placement.

96.) Perception Warning System

97.) AI, able to tell an anecdote or decipher a joke.

98.) Computer nonlineary mathematical simulation of the spin of an atom for quantum computing and decoding.

99.) Natural Motion Corps.

100.) Spherical bouncing robots.

101.) Portable identification device.

But don’t worry, scientists are probably working on it, I thought. You really know, I just sat down and recorded it. On my site there should be 300-400 new concepts, and every day I get them more and more. So finding what the U.S. military needs isn’t that hard. What they really need is a public that fully supports our armed forces and is not so passionate about liberalism to see the need for it. Here we talk about people, and our civilization and the future of our species have always been associated with power. Until that changes, we must continue.

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