Zap That Fuzz, Hair Removal Technology Works Better in the Long Run

4 Metro survey on beauty and well-being

Silent, gentle and with a minimum of fuss technology have found their place in the simplest cosmetic service: hair removal.

78% of women surveyed in the study said that hair removal technology can save time in the long run because hair is permanently plucked after several sessions. 72% of them also believe that hair removal technology is beneficial in the long run.

This information was obtained from an in-depth survey of Indian women in the cities conducted in four subways, focusing on modern attitudes to body, beauty and skin care.

The study, conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, involved 809 women from wealthy SEC A households between the ages of 18 and 50.

It demonstrates the importance that a modern woman attaches to beauty and appearance, her ease of perceiving new trends and her desire for the best, regardless of price. Show that a modern Indian woman is more purposeful, open and assertive in her pursuit of beauty than ever before.

For example, when it comes to hair removal, modern methods, such as waxing, shaving and creams, cause great discontent. Although 99% of women in Mumbai and Delhi, 87% in Kolkata and 69% in Chennai went to shopping salons to remove their hair, most felt they had failed.

Concerns about salon hygiene, waxing soreness and poor shaving and cream results are increasingly pushing them towards hair removal technology, which was once considered the exclusive preserve of models and actresses.

The changes are most noticeable in Mumbai: 94% of women surveyed in Mumbai believe that technology takes less time, and 85% of them believe that in the long run it will pay off.

So, after decades of shaving, hair removal and excess cream hair, a simple haircut can become mandatory for Indian women.

Technology saves time

Women agree that laser removal technology saves time in the long run.

Bomby 94%

Dely 74%

Calcutta 47%

Chennai 67%

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