ZAP Electric Cars

Like all other vehicle manufacturers, the company is a well-known electric vehicle manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells vehicles including motorcycles, cars, scooters, bicycles, jet skis, quad bikes, electric vehicles nearby, hovercraft and trucks. The company is headquartered in California.

The company has a line of electric cars under its own name, and some of them are the shuttle and the zAPTRUCK XL, both low-speed cars for the fleet market, but the sedan and the Xebra Truck are electric engine systems for bicycles, mountain bikes and electric. Scooters.

ZAP Xebra

It is an all-electric three-wheeled city car with a capacity of 40 miles per hour, which requires a 110 volt canal.
The car is available in both the sedan and the pickup truck.
It has fantastic seat belts and no regenerative braking function.
The pickup truck has a folding-side box and a back door that provides easy access to batteries, a motor, a controller and a charger. This model was discontinued in 2009.
The sedan version can accommodate four people.
The specified weight of cargo for a pickup truck and sedan is 1000 pounds.
Additional solar power on the roof is offered for recharging from solar energy, making batteries more durable.
Has a fully steel sedan
ZAP Dude

It is a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle designed for maintenance and patrol, it can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h.
It travels up to 25 miles with a 48-volt DC engine with permanent magnets.
It has a regular lead-acid AGM battery at 65 amp-hours.
It charges 5 to 6 hours at a constant power of 4 kW.
Advanced lithium battery technology
This car is the cheapest car of the company

Truck zap XL

It is a zero-emission car and a payload of 1901 pounds.
Has a replacement truck body
UPS delivery services have made it a vehicle for the entire parcel fleet
The vehicle is listed by the U.S. Army Logistics Service.

It’s an electric SUV.
Its potential power is 644 hp thanks to 4 drive engines in the wheels.
Travel 350 miles without recharging
Its top speed is 250 km/h, and acceleration from 0 to 60 miles in 5 seconds.
Charging takes only 10-15 minutes
Alias zap

It is an excellent motorized three-wheeled sports car.
It is powered by a lithium battery
Have a composite shell structure
Speed 137 miles per hour with a capacity of more than 160 km on a single charge.
The company is highly valued for the range of electric cars offered for the benefit of society and the environment.

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