Zap Away Your Fat?

Imagine that you lose weight as easily as liposuction, but with less invasive treatment. Imagine you walk into a doctor’s office and lose 20 pounds with just a special laser to reduce fat for five minutes, and now you can wear a new pair of jeans. (Because it aims to burn fat) It would be like the dream of many people who want to lose weight. But it’s fantastic and can’t be true, right?

And yes and no. The technology does appear, but it is not yet so effective. The aesthetics developed a cold and thick laser pistol. This made local or targeted fat reduction possible. Do you have a big hand? Don’t worry; Just wipe this area a few times and the fat will disappear! But unfortunately, it will take a month or two to successfully remove all fat, but at least it doesn’t require effort, and who can’t spend a few minutes a day to get rid of all the fat? Especially while watching your favorite TV show? (Don’t put it in the wrong place where fat is very attractive)

How does a cold laser gun actually work to remove fat? According to the company, it uses a transverse beam to “seep” fat out of the fat cell and convert it into energy for the body. A useful metaphor would be like hitting a needle ball. This is interesting, because if this technology continues to evolve, no one will be bigger. However, as I said, it is slow. Clinical trial participants lose just 3.5 inches in two months, so you’ll probably see results faster by following a diet. (However, it is much safer than liposuction if you want to lose weight without dieting)

If this is true and the device works as advertised, many people can benefit from it. But is this really good news? I think it can be bad news if such a device really works, as most people will take advantage of the cut and just cut off their fat. Most likely, people would sit even more than now. Eat more junk food than they eat, and thus destroy their health. Of course, they may look slim and attractive, but they have low energy, dull skin and are probably caused by a lot of diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles.

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