Things you need to know about jiofi 3 unlock firmware download

There is a telecommunication agency in India by the name of Jio, and word Jiofi is used for a portable Wi-Fi routers. Jio operates national LTE network and its head quarters are in Mumbai. Jiofi has many versions like Jiofi, Jiofi 2 ,Jiofi 3and the latest one is Jiofi 5.

jiofi 3 unlock firmware download

We will now give you a method with the help of which you can unlock Jiofi 3 easily and with the minimum effort. Unlocking the Jiofi means you will have Access to the all the 3G 4G connections for free.

Let’s have a look on the history, Jiofi was launched 5th September  2016. There was a Jio offer running in at that time 8 to 9 months before the official launch of the Jio. From Digital mini store an Reliance Digital Xpress people used to get the free sim by hanging up the line. Those people who bought handsets at that time there was a huge benefit for them, they could get the Jio free offer before its official launch.

Now a days a most trending topic is Reliance Jiofi, which was launched 5th September 2016. Before this there was a reliance Jio welcome offer and Jio preview offer.

Now we will have a look on the benefits of Jiofi firmware Wi-Fi device .

  • Its biggest advantage is that it is a portable Hot spot device.
  • Jiofi Firmware comes up with a free Jio Sim which absolutely necessary for usage.
  • When we get a free sim, there comes two offers with that namely reliance Jio welcome offer and Jio preview offer.
  • Jiofi Firmware is easily available and it is user friendly.
  • Reliance Digital Xpress and Digital mini store are the sources through which we can get Jiofi Firmware.

Let’s move on now towards the interesting part that is, something about jiofi 3 unlock firmware download?

Firstly, while looking at the online sites or softwares,  by entering the unlock code you can unlock your data easily. While searching on Internet user can find Dc unlocker, user may try it to get the Unlock code but there is a problem with this software, This software is a paid software and it has many other problems associated with it. For the convenience of the user we will highly recommend not to use Dc unlocker, Instead of that we have an another simpler way for the user.

Instead of Dc unlocker user should go on google and type unlock Jiofi and the model number of the Firmware. After searching this there will be a lot of results shown on the screen, select one of them as they all are useful.

Now we will provide you step by step method of jiofi 3 unlock firmware download.

  • First of all user should go to the google and download the universal master code. This will be helpful in unlocking Jiofi for free and this will be the First and the most important step.
  • After that we should know that this is a software which is free to use and it is an open software. This will be useful in our task.
  • In the third step user should check the model of Jiofi and the modem number. Modem manufacturer will be helpful injiofi 3 unlock firmware download.
  • Every Jiofi firmware have an unique IMEI number, Now user should add the IMEI number and click on the Calculate option.
  • After clicking on Calculate option it will take some time to get the unlock code and flash code. Both of these codes are hugely important.
  • Now remember those codes and add the sim of any other network in Jiofi firmware device, now the code you remembered use it for jiofi 3 unlock firmware download .
  • Congrats You have unlocked Jiofi for free, Now user can use any sim on Jiofi firmware device.

How can upgrade jiofi 3 unlock firmware download?

There are few steps to be followed for upgrading the device, here we will provide the link from where users can download the Jiofi 3 firmware device.

  • First of all, user should go to the browser in a device which is connected to Jiofi firmware Wi-Fi device.
  • Now click on this link http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm.
  • After doing this, you have to login with the user name and the password.
  • Now all the hard work is done, user should click on the configuration and take the backup.

How can you download Jiofi 3 firmware device

There are few steps to download.

  • On this link http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm , First of all click on this link.
  • Now user must click on the browser option and click on update.
  • Now the user have the latest Jiofi 3 firmware device.

This article was all about that Jiofi 3 firmware device, then we gave the steps to download the Jiofi 3 firmware device. We discussed some important steps to unlock Jiofi 3 firmware device.

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