How To Automatically Add Birthdays To The Google Calendar

Just create an event, configure it to repeat and choose your date and time. You can also ask him to remind you before the reminder is established. Just send an invitation to your Gmail ID. Using Google Calendar offers other advantages over traditional birthday reminder applications. You can use it for any event or purpose, personal or professional.

Maps can be personalized with photos, messages and built-in images, and the graphic style is pleasant and cartoon. You can share the results with friends via Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you share via email, you will even receive a notification that the card has been seen by the birthday boy. I like the playful interface of this application and the fact that it is useful for events other than birthdays.

The same process can be used to add several important annual events related to your friends and family. In the drop-down menu in step 2, instead of “birthday”, you can choose to add an anniversary to your Google calendar or even a custom event as desired. how to find out someone’s birthday Every time a birthday arrives, you will be reminded by automatic notification, so there is no need to constantly check the application. When it’s time for day b, you can send a colorful greeting card or send a text message greeting directly from the app.

It allows you to connect to your contacts so that it is covered by the birthdays you have already entered. In addition, you can add others that are not in your contacts, receive reminders, view countdowns so far and use a handy widget for the home screen. If you are someone who strictly chooses an open source application over others, Birday is the perfect option for you. Not only is it open source, but it is no less in terms of features than others on the list.

HIP not only synchronizes birthdays of your contacts on the iPhone, but also calendars and Facebook. HIP reminds you in advance that you want the person, but if you live in the US, HIP can also recommend gift ideas. Users living outside the US can send electronic greeting cards.