60+ Fundraising Event Ideas

To kick off your efforts, set up a fundraising page explaining your mission and why you need the funds. Then, have your supporters share the page with their social networks so that it reaches the widest audience. This approach is a unique fundraising idea that can generate a lot of support and exposure for your nonprofit.

Keep in mind that not everyone will own a personal pair of skates, so partner with a local skating rink to provide them. For additional revenue, encourage participants to raise money for branded protective gear like helmets and knee pads, too. If you’re hoping to get more donations online, or want to set up a recurring campaign, here are a few virtual fundraising ideas you can use.

Keep an online campaign open for more donations throughout the evening. You could even ask artists to donate a portion of their art sales from the evening. Charge a small admission fee, either for the entire day or for individual games. You can even coordinate a shoe drive fundraiser and charge a pair of shoes in exchange for a reduced entry fee. Don’t forget to sell water and other beverages to parched participants! Maybe some generous volunteers will even whip up some baked goods for your concession stand.

Just set up your campaign and share the link on your website, social media and email. Panera Bread cafes help you run fundraising events in their stores. Ducks Unlimited Texas Contact them to arrange the event and then distribute flyers amongst your supporters. Panera will then donate 20% of sales directly to your organization.

Essentially, peer-to-peer fundraising is when supporters set up fundraising pages on behalf of your organization. They then reach out to their personal network of family, friends, and coworkers to ask for donations. Be ready to receive the influx of new donors from your supporters’ networks and add them to your donor database. Since marathons can take months to plan, this fundraising idea is best for larger organizations with a budget and team to help run the event.

Accept donations online before, during, or after your next fundraising event to drastically increase the amount raised. Many donors don’t carry cash with them so giving your supporters the opportunity to give online increases the number of potential fundraising donations. Check out the top 60 fundraising event ideas so your nonprofit organization can plan better events and engage your donors. Set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that’s open year-round to anyone who wants to fundraise on your behalf. Whether it’s a physical challenge or life event, make it easy for them to set up a personal fundraising page anytime.

Even though fundraising events like galas and concerts can be a lot of fun, sometimes what your supporters need the most is the chance to take a breather and relax. Host a meditation night to help your supporters check-in with their mental health and prioritize self care. If you have a beach nearby, or even a sand volleyball court, this is an excellent fundraiser for a hot summer day.

Either charge a registration fee or take a peer-to-peer fundraising approach. Participants can share their peer-to-peer pages online, where their friends and families can pledge to donate a certain amount for each free throw they make. Skaters will already have to take off their shoes to change into their skates anyway. Let them know well in advance, so they’ll know to bring a change of shoes. You’ll raise even more money, making this one of the best fundraising ideas out there.

Make it extra fun and provide games for the kids to help pass the time until dark. There are many ways an organization can make money, and charities are among the best at generating revenue. From product sales to fundraising events, charities can make revenue from many sources. The volunteers who help out for free make the margins even better for these nonprofits.