46 Best Classic Horror Movies

This brilliantly disturbing Rose Glass debut includes a boring English coastal city with a fierce load of religious mania, psychological power games and the strange moment of nightmare. Morfydd Clark is surprising as the deeply religious Maud, a nurse whose first private assignment takes her to the home of the former terminally ill dancer ดูหนังออนไลน์ชัด and former terminus Jennifer Ehle. The dance that follows between a difficult ascetic sensualist and cigar smoker has nuances of Persona’s psychological friction, a major influence on Saint Maud, and quickly descends from there. Ehle is great and in a fair world, Clark would win prizes for his remarkable physical performance.

Together with Psycho, this loose turn marked in a novel by Daphne du Maurier Hitchcock’s most important trip to terror area. The pernicious herds of birds of Birdsees follow a metropolitan blonde, Saint Franciscan, to a sleepy coastal city, and it is these winged creatures that terrorize as Hedren struggles to resist death. Hitchcock is often afraid of suggestion because the crows appear on the telegraph wires and their sound intensifies, but it also shows complete and disturbing air raids and the special effects for these scenes linger. Psychologically, The Birdsis may not be Hitchcock’s most elaborate film, but it is certainly one of the most open, as we wonder why Hedren’s incipient romance with Rod Taylor and his claustrophobic relationship with his mother inspire just such bird fear.

Thirteen years after Psycho burned down the horror film genre, William Friedkin directed The Exorcist and added more fuel to the fire. The exorcist tells the story of a young woman who is possessed and two priests must perform an exorcism on behalf of their mother, played by the great Ellen Burstyn. Although the film initially received mixed reviews, it would be very successful and became the first horror film to be nominated for Best Film at the Oscars. While some horror sequels were better than its predecessor, it is generally the first movie in a franchise to stand out for most moviegoers. However, It’s great to think of certain franchises of horror movies, because much of the construction of the universe and the crosses they produced, helped inspire a new generation of film franchises, including MCU and DCEU. Still, The horror movies that influenced the genre and were the most successful, were generally the originals.

In doing so, he paved the way for Eraserhead and other experimental micro-budget errors. If you’re looking for the perfect horror movie to watch tonight, our list of classic horror movies to watch will help you. If you’re looking for a movie to make the chills serious, you should start with the classics. Yes, there are some fantastic and modern horror movies, but there is something about the stamina of the classics and their ability to scare CGI monsters generation after generation without imagination. Which does not mean that there are also some modern films that have become horror classics. Over the years, our collective definition of horror films has changed and evolved, from the characteristics of the old-fashioned universal being to modern films of social and psychological terror such as Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

Watch the next 30 movies and we can guarantee that you will not only have trouble turning off the bedroom light. Those beautiful walks in the forest that you took on holiday may not seem so carefree in the future and even logging into Zoom can significantly increase your blood pressure. But that’s why you’re looking for the best horror movies of all time.