20 Things To Do In Hurghada

During peak season, when dozens of boats descend on the islands daily, treat a trip to the Giftun Islands only as a trip to the beach, while crowds scare any sea life. We offer daily guided dives on land or boats, as well as the most popular and much sought-after PADI recreational diving courses, for all levels of experience. We have all the equipment you need, plus the support of expert guides and instructors Quad Bike Desert Safaris in Hurghada who will show you the beautiful underwater world of the Gulf of Aqaba. The Shams team prides itself on reading all their TripAdvisor reviews and appreciates their honest comments. We appreciate all your kind words and hope you enjoy choosing to dive with us. SHAMS DIVE CENTER is more than happy to have been honored with TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for several consecutive years.

Nile river cruises to visit some of the most incredible monuments in history are also something you really shouldn’t miss. This is the land of the Valley of the Kings, the tomb of King Tut and the temples of the pharaohs. You will find the Egyptians proud of their heritage and ready to show you everything Egypt has to offer. There are travelers who offer more than just the beach and the Red Sea, there are some nice water parks in Hurghada that children will love. You can also do more unique things, such as taking a balloon ride or visiting the Sand City Open Air Museum, where you can witness beautiful sand sculptures! The Hurghada Grand Aquarium is also a wonderful place to spend a few hours with the children.

The culture in the region is mainly Bedouin and the locals will be happy to tell you about the complicated history of these isolated coasts. Hurghada stretches for about 60 km along the coast of the Red Sea and has over 170 hotels perfectly equipped to receive visitors from all over the world. Known for its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it is also known as the first nature reserve in the Red Sea and one of the most important natural habitats for gulls. When you visit the island, you will see coral reefs that are millions of years old, including rare fish and flocks of dolphins. Enjoy culture, adventure and relaxation on this unforgettable 20-day tour of Egypt and Jordan.

This complex really goes further: they offer boat trips, team games and even yoga classes. Located in Makadi Bay, the Mini Egypt Park Museum contains miniature models of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions and reflects the different stages and times of Egyptian civilization. The models are built with different materials, such as stone, bricks and cement. The number of models in the museum is approximately 55, including the Giza Pyramids, the Karnak Temple, the High Dam, the Alexandria Library, the famous Montazah Palace, the Cairo Tower and the Muhammad Ali Citadel. The museum also contains water bodies and lakes representing the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Nasser. One of the famous places in the city of Hurghada, Soma Bay, is surrounded from three sides by turquoise waters.

Unfortunately, at some point almost all graves were stolen, but it is still easy to get an idea of the majesty of these places and the lives of the men and women buried here. About 18 of the graves can be visited, although you have to plan something in advance, as officials open and close the graves quite regularly. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1979, approximately 5,000 tourists visit daily. It was inaugurated in 2012 and was built on an area of 8000 square meters. It is designed in a style similar to the Prophet Mosque in Medina, as the number of tourists visiting Hurghada is constantly increasing, leading to the revival of the religious tourist movement. It is located in the southern part of the city and is a famous tourist attraction there.