10 Things To Check Before Buying Apartments In Kolkata

You must settle in a particular country and know if you are using it as an investment or just renting it on the property you are buying. Correcting your goals will not only stop you from spending a lot of time looking for real estate, but will also make sure it meets your needs. Where in most old properties they have had an old type of wiring, which can be a risk at the moment. When verification urban treasures or good wiring and floor / home circuits would guarantee the safety of the buyer. One of the most important aspects of buying an apartment / property is checking and comparing the price of the apartment / property. Make sure you know the current market prices well and that the rate offered should coincide with the carpet area, the urbanized area and the super urbanized area.

The developer is responsible for obtaining the occupancy certificate and will not be issued until the building has been completed in every way and is ready to be inhabited. At the end of construction, the builder receives a certificate of completion from the metropolitan authorities. First hire a lawyer by paying Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 to assess all documents on the ground and on the property. It is difficult for a consumer to understand an extract of 7/12 full of professional jargon, such as writing titles, land use, municipal approvals of companies, professional certificate. In the event of resale, this document covers the receipts for the property tax paid and the document for the release of bank loans in the case of fully paid loans on the property.

In the latter scheme, usually for homes outside the city, the developer offers rental income after ownership. There is no shortage of real estate companies in India and with a series of real estate deliveries coming out at the same time, it becomes difficult to select the right real estate developer. However, there are a number of advantages when you select a property from renowned real estate developers.

For example, an apartment of two BHK of 1000 square feet will be between 700 and 750 square feet when you buy it. Therefore, you must determine your wishes before buying an apartment. If you are willing to buy an apartment on the ground floor, one of the important tips for buying an apartment is checking security arrangements in society or in your flat. Do not forget to be open to options and also consider the properties of privileged locations, as the property price will largely reflect your standard of living, choose a perfect combination of costs and quality.

If you don’t know the concepts, you can always ask for the builder. As working from home becomes the norm of today’s work culture, a clear and reliable mobile network service is essential to maintain effective business flow. Therefore, make sure that there is one of the important tips for buying a flat, uninterrupted network coverage on the floor. In addition, tall buildings around your home, without a shortage of skyscrapers in most Indian cities today, both subways and smaller towns, can weaken mobile signals. Therefore, you should only buy if the network is aligned with your signal type. However, if you have taken out a mortgage loan, your ownership documents have already been validated during your loan penalty.

Mortgage lenders tend to insist that the properties have at least 70 years left, so if you buy one with less than 80 years’ rent, you may have trouble selling it within 5 to 10 years. An extension can take several thousand pounds and it takes many weeks to handle it, so if the lease is low, try extending it before buying it. Before focusing on the right project and floor to buy a flat, choose a well-known / well-known builder with a good reputation and track record. As a home buyer, it is your right and responsibility to verify that the developer has registered the project with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority . Before buying a flat, make sure the floor is installed with CCTV cameras for safety reasons.