Zapping Unit Subdermal Implant for US Spies and Classified Personnel

Looks like we’re still hearing leaks of classified information on the news. Why do we allow our secrets to be secreted in this way? Why do we jeopardize our national interests and allow weak people to disseminate our most valuable information?

Currently, it is estimated that more than 2,900 Chinese spies in the United States are involved in corporate and military espionage. Lately, we all remember Chinese information about sex for the purpose of spying on someone from the Bureau of Investigation of the Federal Department of Justice (FBI).

I suggest a subcutaneous RFID GPS implant so we can keep track of everything the FBI is doing. And also keep an eye on their conversations. When they start discussing anything about national security, they will be shocked by the enormous tension that will be put down again.

Because we know we can’t trust these people as much as we can to leave them, and we know that there are Chinese spies everywhere, we realize that we need a little more. The best way to keep an eye on these people is so they don’t reveal our national secrets, and since we can’t track them 24/7, let the technology do it for us and shock them with still living shit while they’re trying to divulge information.

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