The Final Guide To New Year’s Eve In Rio De Janeiro 2021

The city organizes a lively festival with millions of visitors seeing the famous fireworks, the largest in Latin America. To bring good luck next year, locals wear yellow underwear, eat a dozen grapes at midnight, and put a $ 1,000 peso bill on their shoes. Fireworks are launched from several points along the coast between Valparaíso and Vina del Mar, and the show ends with a waterfall of sparks bathing in the water.

South Africa is a great destination for New Year’s Eve 2021 for those who enjoy walking, diving and diving on the high seas. Did you know that you will most likely see whales in the Atlantic Ocean?? During the day you can walk and climb Table Mountain to see the city of Cape Town from a different perspective. When night falls, board your private yacht and enjoy the view of the city as the fireworks rise as you and your friends or family relax together when the countdown begins.

You can celebrate the New Year with dancing, champagne and fireworks exploding over your head. Choose from the traditional buffet cruise or, if you prefer a snack with a lighter price, try the Cocktail and Canape cruise where you can dance all night. Always an event with sold-out tickets, both cruises celebrate the New Year with a great party and a beautiful view of the city at night.

Watch the Sydney Opera House explode in a rainbow of fireworks as it rattles its glasses and celebrates the night. New Year’s Day in the Southern Hemisphere brings sun-drenched beaches and hot water. Head to the beautiful city of Manly, feel revitalized with a walk in the North Head Nature Reserve or spend a day in the wild and beautiful Palm Beach. New Year’s Eve celebrations in Costa Luminosa begin with a luxurious six-course dinner, followed by a festive party with live music and a DJ. A countdown clock is shown in all lounges and on the cinema screen by the pool.

After your relaxing start to the new year, you can enjoy South African culture. Go to the haunted castle built by the United East India Company in the late 17th century. During your visit to the castle you will learn more about the history of “Cape Town”. View yacht rental in South Africa and learn more about how to make this possible through our travel planners.

There is space in the boat for both a mild and an extravagant afternoon. The general admission ticket gives you all the entertainment, but food and drinks are not included. Live music and the opportunity to dance in the water all year round, before enjoying a New Year’s kiss with the best view of the fireworks over the Pacific, will send it in style around 2020!

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands offers you the opportunity to experience the Caribbean paradise with crystal clear water and beautiful scenery and is a great destination for New Year’s Eve boats. Whether you want to spend the night in silence with your partner, see great fireworks with your children or party with your friends, a sailing holiday or an excursion is the best way to say hello by 2022. Check out our list of the perfect New Year’s Eve 2021 destinations for your party at sea and enjoy the warm winter sailing destinations. Every December, Gustavia’s small harbor is full of defenses to defend itself with the world’s greatest superyachts, here to celebrate a celebrity and a new year of action. From Roman Abramovich to Paul McCartney, Beyonce and Oprah, starry sky A list makes you remember a party. Join the glitterati for a new year you’ll never forget, as superyachts host quirky parties, their underwater lights illuminate the harbor, and fireworks illuminate the sky.

Dubai arrived at the Guinness Book of Records in 2014 because it had the largest fireworks display with 479,651 grenades fired in six minutes over 400 parts of the Dubai coast. For powerboat rental the best place, enjoy an iconic view of the beautiful view of the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel. The 1920s are also the subject of New Year’s Eve celebrations aboard the Queen Mary.