14 Good Reasons To Study In Turkey

So if you decide where to study abroad, you first have to wonder where you want to live. With its cosmopolitan cities and small towns, Turkey offers international students a variety of cultural experiences. Turkey has a fast-growing economy, which is reflected in its competitiveness in the world education market. Several Turkish universities offer cheap undergraduate programs with progressive campuses and high-tech services.

Turkish culture is exceptionally beautiful and consists of traditions from hundreds of years of Ottoman history. From Turkish hammams to Evil Eye hanging all over Turkey, Turkish hospitality is probably the most remarkable aspect of culture, where Turks often want to invite you for a cup of tea, food or offer you a place to stay. As a student it is very nice to constantly discover the beauty of this culture and to appreciate the diversity within Turkey itself. Istanbul, the city separated from the Sea of Marmara, is one of the largest metropolises in the world, the only city on two continents. It is a very diverse, rich but beautiful, dynamic and modern image of a city that you always want to return to.

The cost of living of an international student can be cheap or high because it varies depending on the student’s general lifestyle. On average, students can spend between $ 400 and $ 500 per month on various living expenses, such as; transportation, accommodation, food, telephone or internet, as well as clothing. There are also private hostels and off-campus accommodation in Turkey and costs vary depending on the room type and amenities. Although multicultural, I have seen a lot of racism based only on skin color or the country you come from. Also, ignorance was not really a good attitude and you thought you were better and more developed than other places, well, that didn’t help the people who live there.

Located between Europe and Asia, Turkish territory has a diversity of cultures, traditions and customs from both parts of the world. One of the most important stages when studying abroad is the opportunity to meet people and make friends. By coming into contact with such a diverse range of communities, your stay will be unforgettable and a great experience. More and more courses at Turkish universities are taught in English and many others offer the opportunity to learn English. With 12 million inhabitants, Istanbul is modern and fast, one of the largest cities in the world and the only one covering two continents. Surrounded by the waters of the Strait of Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara, it is a cultural center with impressive monuments such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

You can never run out of places here and you have all the qualities you are looking for in a city where you want to live. It is difficult to list just 10 reasons to study in Istanbul, but these are the best times for an international student living in Turkey. FreeEducator is a free study abroad and a scholarship site for international students. The main purpose of this site is to provide quality support to international students, enabling them to increase their chances of success in life.

Istanbul as a city is so central to the world that it offers easy access to both continents, with affordable flights to most countries in Europe and Asia. If you are a travel enthusiast, you don’t want to miss the chance to study in Istanbul. Universities in Istanbul provide cultural fame by opening doors to many different countries and ethnic groups. One of the most important questions you will have after graduation is ‘what follows? Turkish universities offer high-quality study programs and are an integral part of the European Education Area. There are a growing number of universities offering programs in English, including engineering, medicine, business, humanities and finance.

That is why Turkish and Turkish knowledge is beneficial for anyone interested in business or international politics in those regions. Likewise, opportunities for students pursuing careers in business or public services will only increase as Turkey continues to develop as a global economic power. Studying Turkish gives you a deep understanding that you make a valuable asset for companies, government and other organizations that promote productive alliances with turkiyede tehsil the Middle East. Turkey’s forthcoming membership in the European Union will further strengthen the importance of world trade. The political structure in Turkey is based on a secular democratic, pluralistic and parliamentary system in which human rights are protected by law and justice. Not to mention, Turkey paid attention to providing all the comfort and luxury to attract international students through scholarships, seats and the quality of education.

The C√≥rdoba Overseas Education Center specializes in tutoring and academic orientation for Moroccan students who want to continue their studies abroad. He realizes that he offers the student the benefits of the education system. Turkey also offers many fully funded scholarships for students seeking financial support to study abroad. So now everyone can study at one of the Turkish universities without paying a cent. Bilkent University is a private university in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, ranked 14th in the 2019 OEKA rankings. The name “Bilkent” is an acronym for “Bilim kennnti”, a Turkish word meaning “city of learning and science”.

Turkey is an attraction for everyone in the world because of the spiritual and physical features that are unique to every city. For example, Istanbul is the only city in the world that connects two continents. The city, which is found in both Asia and Europe, has been the capital of many civilizations for thousands of years. In reality, Turkey is a country where East and West meet in a much broader sense. Turkey has succeeded in mixing these two cultures and has been home to wealth and cultural and historical heritage for thousands of years.