Hooded Eyes

We’ve cured some hooded makeup tips from all over the internet, so I hope you’ll find some you love. With hooded eyes, it can be difficult to find the natural fold of your lid with your eyes closed. To ensure that your eyeliner does not leave as soon as you open your eyes, check permanent eyeliner your forehead work in the mirror. Depending on your preference, you can also make your wing with your eyes open. Famous makeup artists work with a large number of people and create an eye patch that matches their customers’ unique eye shape in a way that flatters them.

Your cap can be slightly more with a hood in the inner corner or on the outside or over the entire length of your eye. Open your eyes where you want to create the shadow of a fold and apply an average shadow. Then close your eye and use a dark shade to deepen that line to resemble a fold. If you choose to wear makeup, you almost certainly use it to look great and increase your confidence.

So you might want to see this Tarte Tarteist double-sided eyeliner. With an eyeliner on the one hand and a rich liquid formula on the other, this award-winning beauty product is a must-see! The Amazon clay infused in the gel pencil strengthens your eyelids with a subtle shine and ensures defined and long-lasting wear. With its quick-drying formula, this black liquid eyeliner gives a slim, shiny, semi-matte finish for hooded eyes. Eye makeup looks like a cat’s eye or a winged eye can be super flattering, but a bit tricky to do with hooded eyes. To make it easier, create a line that extends from your bottom tab.

You don’t have to skip an eye makeup because of the shape of your eyes. All makeup uses techniques to highlight and hide different parts of the face, and eye makeup is no different. So become a master artist and illusionist to show the beautiful eyes with a hood in the best possible way. Get to know your eyes, practice these tips and experiment a little. Especially when you learn to use eyeshadow to shape your eye, you want to stick to matte colors.

To avoid this, invest in good eyeshadow primer and apply a generous amount to the caps before putting your eyes on. Printing the covers will go a long way to ensure that your eye makeup stays in place when it overlaps all day. Take a matte eyeshadow that is two or three shades darker than your skin color.

You draw on a bat-shaped lining, so when your eye is open, your lining looks like another cat’s eye. If you’re really not in the mood to deal with all these suggestions and just want to open your eyes a little more, use some tape or eyelid glue. It is a very big trend in Asian countries (Michelle Phan gives you a good step by step to use tape / glue for eyelids).

But I want my winged coating on the outside to be thicker and almond-shaped, so I generally perfect it a bit more. I thicken the outside of my eyes and leave the line in the inner diluent of the corner. This gives depth to my eyes, makes the appearance bigger and longer. It means that the lid, the space from the lashes to the eye fold is not seen. As you can see in the first photo, you can still see a bit of that cover on me, but it is usually covered.