6 Ideas For The Design Of The Apartment Aisle

They are suitable for decoration as well as the main rooms of our house. Although much less time is spent here, a runner is primarily the first space people see when they enter their home. This is a specially selected collection of self-adhesive wallpapers, which have been chosen to animate your hallway. Introducing modern design to visually expand the space and connect all interiors is crucial here. Another simple design trick to make a corridor feel bigger is hanging mirrors. They burst slightly through space and, if strategically placed, can refer to more space.

Create a perfect balance between the two neutrals, with equal amounts of each. It gives you a clear and fresh look for the day, along with 3d wall tiles a dramatic and personalized look for the night. A glamorous design of the hallway of apartments often uses contrasting combinations.

Whether your entrance opens into a spacious lobby or extends into a narrow corridor, a thin console table is always a stylish and practical solution. It takes up minimal floor space and leaves tons of walking space everywhere, which is the key in any busy corridor. For fun, combine your skirts with a color from your favorite wallpaper ideas and don’t be afraid to be clear like in this beautiful Little Greene corridor. With the striking wallpaper from Loriini Dorian, the fairly traditional, albeit brightly colored, design contrasts with the ultra-modern paint color, Trumpet . In a narrow corridor with very little furniture space or bulky decor, think about how you can influence without deviating more than an inch from the wall using wall decoration ideas. If there is no natural light in your hallway, look for gang lighting ideas and have an electrician installation statement for chandeliers, wall applications and table lamps for an lighting dose.

There is no room for unnecessary accessories, or they only appear in a small number. If so, they are generally simple plants, mirrors or images. Simple ideas are sometimes most effective to redesign a runner. Collect paint, photo frames, mirrors in an orderly or original manner. Have fun connecting or hanging objects to create a corridor of curiosities. You can also multiply certain accessories, such as paper flashlights that provide a touch of lightness and a warm atmosphere.

If you are afraid that a dark color will overwhelm a narrow space, combine with a row of pendants or spotlights to create the illusion of a longer and lighter space. Green or gray deep sage corridors are modern options that would work very well. Start designing the hallway of your apartment by choosing an interior style.