High Bays LED Lighting Guide

High Bay LED bulbs are specially designed for higher ceilings, typically 20 to 45 feet, and provide enough light intensity to spread over large or highly focused areas at critical points. With so many options on the market, it can be daunting to decide which lighting fixture best illuminates your space. Our high bay LED lighting buying guide will walk you through the process to help you find the perfect LED bulbs that meet your needs. High bay lighting has been a popular choice for commercial and industrial users around the world for decades, due to its relatively compact size and intense lumen output. In recent years, LED technology has come to dominate the high bay market due to improvements in energy efficiency and longevity, as well as significantly improved color reproduction accuracy.

Size and shape aren’t the only factors to consider when choosing a high-rise lamp. You can choose from a few different beam angles that best suit your space, from wide lighting to narrow lighting. Recently, LED bulbs have been used more frequently for numerous indoor and outdoor lighting needs and are known for their energy-saving properties and long service life. Although popular in homes and office spaces, when it comes to high-bay lighting, these LED lights are often used in large spaces such as commercial buildings and suspended at high altitudes. Gone are the days of giant metal halides and high-pressure sodium fixtures.

This design provides highly targeted lighting while maintaining high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. If you have several accessories and bulbs to choose from, you’ll need to do some research before deciding what’s best for you. For example, if you ask “How bright are the 450w high bay bulbs?”, the answer depends on multiple factors. A 450-watt metal halide lamp will be almost as bright as a 200-watt LED bulb, and cooler color temperatures tend to have a higher lumen output per watt. Our expert staff can help you with your questions to make the best selection.

One of them is a new facility, which is now installing high-rise lamps. The distance of your ceiling lights also depends on the height of your ceilings. The further away you are from the light source, the wider your light cone becomes. Therefore, lights at 15 feet from the ground project a smaller light distribution than those installed at 30 feet high.

Our linear high bays are a one-to-one replacement for HID and fluorescent fixtures; provides powerful efficiency and reduces energy consumption by up to 85%. The cost-saving energy efficiency of LEDs is often the driving factor for companies to install high-rise LED bulbs. By losing only 5% of their energy to heat, LEDs require much less electricity to generate the same lumen per square foot. In addition, most conventional warehouse and factory light sources are omnidirectional, meaning they emit light in all directions.

High-rise linear lights are often seen in supermarkets, wholesalers, warehouses and any other open space with lots of aisles or bookshelves. They also provide ideal lighting for conference rooms, event centres and gyms. Similar in appearance to a fluorescent T8, the linear high bays are long, with different widths to provide rectangular lighting that suits the needs of your space. They can be mounted directly on the ceiling or hung with chains or cables, depending on your needs.

Low bay LED lighting works well in areas with tall racks and ceilings less than 25 feet high. These bulbs can even help you save on the cost of air conditioning, as they emit less heat than traditional bulbs and require very little maintenance. A low bay light is usually used for roofs that are between 12 and 20 feet, such as workshops or parking lots. A low-bay lighting fixture usually has a beam angle of 120 degrees and is usually around 60W-100W. RAB Lighting is known in the industry for its excellent craftsmanship and the AEROBAY® LED is no different. The AEROBAY® has a state-of-the-art retractable construction that reduces volume by up to 60%, saving you a lot of valuable storage or shelf space.

They have multiple applications in a wide range of industries, including workshops, factories and assembly lines. You’ll also see high-rise lights in large recreational facilities and gyms. These lamps are also great for illuminating storage facilities and warehouses. They can be used for large conference rooms, event centers, stadium floodlights or even for any place that needs lighting from a height of more than 20 feet. LEDs have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, which is four to forty times longer than their conventional counterparts. Not only does this mean that less is spent on replacement bulbs over time, but it also means less time is spent replacing bulbs.

For example, a store might have dimmed lights during closing time and then turn them off 1 hour later to give employees a window in which they can leave after closing time. This is especially useful for areas that don’t have constant traffic throughout the day. High bay lamps, available in different shapes and sizes, can be used for different purposes.