6 Basic Rules For Silent Auctions

Organizations of all types and sizes can be successful at silent auctions, including nonprofits, schools, community organizations, and more. In our success stories you will find practical examples.Should silent auctions be held as stand-alone events or as part of larger events? Silent auctions are usually held alongside a larger ceremony or a live auction.

An auction conducted entirely online is an effective alternative to traditional live and silent auctions. These events can help you reach a wider audience, raise the necessary funds, and avoid the challenges of planning a large, in-person event. Like most silent auctions, we offer individual items, such as gift certificates for local businesses. There are also thematic gift baskets, as well as smaller glasses, on which students are happy to bid. The sale of auction items does not have to be the only source of money in a silent auction.

For personal auctions, create a dedicated payment page in a place that does not interfere with the pedestrian traffic of guests leaving the event. For online auctions, guests should be able to redeem their purchases and receive delivery information for physical items immediately after the silent auction ends. Among the non-profit fundraising strategies, silent auctions stand out for good reason. With careful implementation, they have the potential to generate a lot of sales, cause excitement among the supporters of the non-profit organization and combine well with other events. Remember that some volunteers write their names on the offer sheets with the lowest bid. The article will look a little more attractive if someone else has already decided that he wants it.

Traditionally, at silent auctions, guests made bids by writing down their bids on a piece of paper in front of their chosen item. The mobile auction software has changed the name of the game, allowing guests to browse items and place bids through their phones by entering their payment silent auction ideas information. Make sure the winning bids have followed the minimum bid and minimum bid rules. If the minimum bid is not reached, select the last highest bidder who has reached the minimum bid. However, the silent checkout process typical of an auction is not as efficient as possible.

You can use other strategies to collect more of them, as not all of your guests have won items or placed bids. Other additional strategies for making money are a live call, where donations are asked directly, a raffle is held or goods are sold. With regard to registration, participants can pre-register and provide their payment details in advance. During the actual event, a booth can be set up at the venue to process all pre-registrations, new registrations and other inquiries. In the registry, the rules of the silent auction are introduced before the start of bidding.