5 German Food And Drink Festivals To Tempt Your Appetite IL

With plenty of beer, fairground rides, and traditional music, most Oktoberfest events begin in late September and run until about October 3. Moreover, the Munich Opera Festival is an overwhelming celebration of culture through music and art. The world-class concierge service oktoberfest provided by the management makes this festival extraordinary. This cultural delight will truly add unforgettable memories to your holiday history. Christmas markets are a wonderful part of the German Christmas tradition and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

The event lasts three consecutive days and attracts more than 180,000 clubbers from all over the world. You can choose from smaller club-sized stages with a more intimate audience or park on the main stage, which can hold only 50 thousand party animals. With 24 stages and excellent light production spanning the entire venue, this is one of the most intense and immersive festival experiences available. If you’re not playing at camp on the weekends, enhance your festival experience and find a great catering rental near the event venue.

The event takes place at a former NATO missile base that has been tastefully converted into a venue with four huge stages and numerous smaller ones. As a fully immersive outdoor festival, the event has campsites and hotel packages available for those who want to stay overnight, and trust me, they will. Tickets differ in price depending on the performance; However, there are some free concerts you can attend.

Before planning a trip around a festival, check the festival dates on the festival’s website or at a local tourist office. For more information about these and other events, visit Germany’s official tourist site. Wacken Winter Nights is an extremely immersive and unique rock and metal festival in the charming village of Wacken. This festival even focuses on medieval and mystical rock/folk, with some attendees and artists even carrying the role. This immersive music works perfectly in a snowy Little German village, where you can almost take a step back in time through acting, food and costumes. This festival is one of the oldest of its kind and has been held since 1876.

A perfect way to celebrate your harvest is of course with a festival! What began as a royal wedding party is now the world’s largest folk festival, attracting crowds of nearly 7 million people consuming nearly 8 million gallons of beer. The Bavarian capital Munich is one of Germany’s most beloved tourist destinations and is full of castles, palaces, monuments and beautiful architecture. During the two weeks of Oktoberfest each fall, the whole city donsdirndl and lederhosen and large crowds participate in drinking, eating and cheering on the Wies’n. More than just drinking, the festival site is decorated with attractions, games, shops and food stalls.

Another popular German festival dedicated to opera is the Munich Opera Festival (M√ľnchner Opernfestspiele). The festival is held every year from June to the end of July in the Bavarian capital and presents performances of the Bavarian State Opera. These also appear alongside the premieres of the company’s new theatre productions. A Kirchweih is a festival in which the whole city comes together to commemorate the dedication of the city’s church.